OpenGL on Solaris

Hello ,

I am required to do OpenGL apps development on Solaris.

I have OpenGL 1.2.2 installed on my Sun System.

I have the c/c++ compiler collection installed also.

YES there are many executable exmamples BUT I cannot see any tutorials nor actual code examples .

I need to learn how to develop c++ programs that instansiate say some sort of window class then perform some graphical operations using calls to the OpenGL system.

Having been a c++ developer on Microsoft my preferred o/s is now Solaris.

Q1. Can someone point me in the right direction re the above (Solaris only)

Any tips/urls/ solaris paths will help.

Q2. With the advent of Java 2D and 3D apis - how do these compare with the performance/ functionality of OpenGL?



Solaris uses X windows as the backend graphic engine (desktop and everything else)
You could do your main windows with X, and then add the OGL code. That would be kind of equivalent to writting OGL with Win32 on wondows.

Java will , however, provide you cross platform capabilities. Unless if you are writting a game engine that requires high frame rate, Java is a safe solution.

Here is a link from sun, the people who are responsible for Solaris.

Just do a search there and I am sure you will find some help. Also, try google.

Good luck.


First, if you can live with the possible limitations of an OpenGL toolkit (not pure Solaris), use it! If not, you can check the X11 code used in the toolkit to get started with your own custom code.

Portable toolkit (should work for Solaris): GLFW

Code tutorials (based on GLFW): Tutorials

First thing - If speed is an issue than You’ll have to forget Java3d. Second - if You start writing X11 code You won’t proceed to gl code until 2006. So i suppose the use of a toolkit. What about qt for Solaris? It comes with an easy to use GLWidget …