OpenGL on Solaris 10

I have an application using Qt 4.3.0 that has many OpenGL widgets. Previously we were using Solaris 9 and OpenGL 1.3 but just last week upgraded to Solaris 10. My program still runs, but my OpenGL no longer renders correctly in my QGLWidgets. I am drawing a 2D plot and the first 50 pixels or so from the top of the QGLWidget draws correctly, but then the rest of the widget only shows the clear color calls. I have checked my viewport and ortho values and those are all correct. I then tried the program on an older Solaris 8 box we have and it works correctly on here. I have rebuilt and relinked my program numerous times and even tried untaring a version we had before the upgrade but with the new OpenGL so files it worked incorrectly.

The application works fine on SunOS 5.8 with “OpenGL Version = 1.3 Sun OpenGL 1.3 patch 113886-05 for Solaris” but doesn’t work on SunOS 5.10 with “OpenGL Version = 1.3 Sun OpenGL 1.5 patch 120812-18 for Solaris”. It confuses me why on Solaris 10 why glGetString( GL_VERSION ) says OpenGL Version = 1.3 but Sun OpenGL 1.5. Why do these numbers not match? If anybody has any ideas as to what I can do to try and fix my problems, that would be great. It appears it has to do with OpenGL 1.5 since it works fine on my machines running OpenGL 1.3. Thanks!

Just a suggestion: I don’t think that many people here work with Solaris. You should have more luck asking in Solaris related forums.

@ Zengar: right, (because the SPARCs are so terrible slow, its my daily work-environment… :(, x86 runs really good and fast on selected hardware :slight_smile: )

First question Solaris x86 or SPARC, 32 or 64bit?

On SPARC I can say, install all OpenGL-Packages directly from SUN (32 and 64bit).
Update your graphic card driver.
Some installer may have trouble to install all the packages correct, so install the latest versions from SUN-Homepage.

Graphic cards on SPARC is a chapter of its own, try to get the latest driver and install them.

Yeah I would rather be on Linux or even Windows but this is what I have. I have used the latest version of OpenGL from Solaris for SPARC architecture. I went back to Sun’s site and found their “latest” OpenGL 1.3 patch and now my application works fine. I don’t know why my code wouldn’t work in OpenGL 1.5 because we have used it in a Windows and Linux environment before and they were running either 1.5 or 2.1 without a problem. I probably need to look into finding new graphics card drivers like Heady suggests, but since I am not using any of the capabilities in 1.5 that aren’t in 1.3, just downgrading to 1.3 is the easier solution for now. Thanks for your help though…