OpenGL on OSX and Windows?

Hi there,

I want to code an OpenGL game with a friend. He’s using Windows XP with Borland Builder 4.5. I’m on OSX 10.3 with Xcode.

The target system the program should run at is a Windows NT based machine.

What do I have to consider?

thanks a lot

First not sure what you mean by target system is NT, you want to write a game on your Mac/XP for a NT machine. Or do you mean for the NT machine to be a server for the application in which you plan to run on both Mac and Windoz XP?

Just for cross platform support you need something that when you write it, it can be compiled on the NT machine. C/C++ is a good choice of language since NT, XP, Mac, etc. have compilers for it.

OpenGL of course for your graphics API, since it also is supported by them.

So I suggest that both of you should use the same API’s for not only graphics but input and sound.
Also use the same languge, is Xcode a C/C++ compiler. I have no clue about Mac stuff.

You may want to look into something like SDL (Sound Device library) for input/sound/video setup. this library is supported on windows/Mac/Linux.

Correction: SDL stands for “Simple DirectMedia Layer”