OpenGL on Irix and Porting

I was considering getting Maya, and to run it on a SGI(Irix) machine. Is there much of a hassle to port the files - code and/or Maya text files to Windows and recompile them. I know this is not an OpenGL coding question specifically, but since OpenGL (the greatest)API programs are my main objective, I can’t think of a better place to ask.

Also, anybody know if Quicktime port(able) from Irix to Windows?

Maya on Irix and win32 is pretty much the same. Most of the API and mel is designed to be portable between the both. If there is a problem with a given mel command or API call, it should tell you in the documantation. You may have noticed that Maya on win32 doesn’t like any filenames with spaces in them, the reason is for portability…

The only minor gripe is that win32 will add “<cr>” characters at the end of any text files. This means that when taking text files from windows to irix, you will have to remove all these before use. For scripting etc, i use textpad on windows because it allows you to save files in unix format thus eliminating the problem. If you are using irix and need to remove the carrage returns, i use nedit and use the ‘replace all’ options to replace <cr> with nothing…

dos2unix is a nice little utility that will get rid of CR.

Alternatively you can use the “tr” command.

Used it for ages, then I discovered text editors that got rid of the need of worrying about CR… (I like Lazy ways of doing things)