OpenGL on Intel HD Graphics


I need OpenGL 4+ on Debian/Ubuntu on a laptop/ultrabook and was wondering if intel HD 5500 would do the job. I couldn’t find any up to date info on Linux support for intel HD graphics. Where do I find such info, preferably for other integrated and dedicated laptop GPUs too?


Instead of developing their own, proprietary drivers Intel participates in the development of Mesa3D, a library that tries to implement the
OpenGL® spec with multiple backend drivers for hardware accellerated (and software) rendering.

You shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever with Intel cards on Linux based systems, however you are stuck with whatever OpenGL® version Mesa3D supports.

According to Wikipedia, the HD 5500 card supports OpenGL® 4.x, however the mesa OpenGL® support reached version 4.x farly recently and the drivers
aren’t completed yet. So for the moment, you should get version 3.3 with a recent version of Mesa.

I have been struggling with a HD5500 graphics chip. It theoretically supports OpenGL 4.3. I have just installed a new computer with Mint 17.2 and the driver provides only OpenGL 3.0. Tried to find better driver from the Intel repository but cant get OpenGL better than 3.0.
I really need to display AutoCAD files (Teigha Viewer) - which is why I bought a new computer.

Any Ideas?

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