OpenGL on Amiga?

Considering the latest Amiga computers hardware, i begin to wonder how 3d acceleration can be handled on these systems.

Here is an Amiga configuration avialable ( not in dreams :

Pegasos System V9
Pegasos Computer incl. G3 CPU module (750CXe/600 MHz) in Midi tower case. 64 MB graphic card Radeon 9000, 80 GB HDD, 256 MB Registered RAM, 16x/48x DVD drive, 3.5" FDD, Logitech Cordless Desktop Keyboard, optical scroll mouse, Midi Tower DX-01WD incl. power supply, MorphOS on CD-ROM and pre-installed on HDD.

Did Ati made specific drivers for MorphOS ?
Is OpenGL avialable on these systems ?

thank you for your answers,
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I don’t know much about amiga, but you can always search the ati site for your drivers.

I’m guessing its not there. I only see Windows and on some occasion linux drivers for most devices.


actually there should be opengl hardware acceleration on amiga. as far as I know also on the PPC extended amigas with 3d cards (permedia and such) there was/is opengl available.
maybe you should try some amiga specific sites.
is a page about 3d games on amiga systems, the guys there probably can help you some more =) (I think…)