OpenGL NVIDIA problems

I just installed the NVIDIA drivers for openGL, and everything was going great. When I attempted to run a program I wrote for openGL (and ran before I upgraded the drivers), it just displayed a blank screen.

Ok, I thought, I need to recompile. That didnt help, still a blank screen. I went out, grabbed a random NeHe tutorial, downloaded it and compiled, and it ran fine. I removed my fairly complex code, and replaced it with drawing a single triangle and square on the screen, and that worked. I am thinking it may be a problem with my display lists or textures.

Anyone else have a similar problem before or knows what is going on that can help me out?


hmmmm - I have experienced tough bugs like this before. If you are porting your code from Windows to linux, check the case of any filenames you are loading. e.g. Images, sounds, heightmap files, etc…

Many a time I have been burned by case insensitivity.

Good luck

Its not case sensitivity… I installed NVIDIA drivers, and everything stopped working.

I’ve got a response but this is not well fine in fact:

Your program was working fine but it should not: You were on your drivers limits and now that Nvidia corrects the bugs, your prog does not work anymore…

There may be another solution as your drivers are not installed correctly, but I don’t understand why a blank screen (in this way).


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