OpenGL MFC Screen Saver

Guys, I need some help.

Do you know of any good tutorial, in English, that explains how to write an OpenGL screen saver using MFC?

Or, better yet - have you seen any wizards that do this?


Using MFC for a screensaver isn’t real pretty. The easiest way to create a screensaver is to use the Win32 Screensaver library. That library basically embeds the WinMain function for you. MFC generally has to have a global instance of a CWinApp derived class. This also embeds a WinMain function for you. There is a way to do it, and you can get code for it at Do a search there on screensavers and you should be able to find it. It doesn’t do the OpenGL code for you, but implementing OpenGL into it would be the same as implementing OpenGL into any MFC app. (Do a search on that too if you’re not sure how to do it.) I do have a Screensaver Appwizard, but at the moment it doesn’t do MFC, and it doesn’t do OpenGL, so it’s probably not what you really want.

Thanks. I’ll go check it out. I have an MFC screen saver wizard too. Integrating OpenGL into has proved really frustrating, though, which is why I was posting.