OpenGL & Menus

I’m facing a problem with this application and I’m wondering if anyone can help!!
Here is the scenario, I need to draw a picture and do some transformation operations on it (translation, rotation, & scaling) now the application should be implemented in a way so that the user can select the operation from a menu (or by pressing a particular key) and enter the proper values in a text field which should show up!!
Now the question HOW can this be implemented using OpenGL?? Can OpenGL handle such menu’s events??

Thanks in advance.

The simplist approach is to use GLUT menus (e.g. glutCreateMenu, glutAddMenuEntry, glutSetMenu, glutAttachMenu, …).

For keyboard inputs see glutKeyboardFunc.
For a more sophisticated solution that explicitly supports GUI widgets (e.g. textfields, menus), you might want to use MFC … or wxWindows for portable solution.

Thanks for replying!
Actually I’m not familiar with MFC and wxWindows so would you please provide me with more details on them and how can I use them with OpenGL??

wxWindows is an open source C++ cross-platform GUI framework that supports Windows, Unix, Linux, and MacOS. For more information, see

Depending upon my needs, if I didn’t already know MFC, I’d just look at wxWindows instead.

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