OpenGL memory Problem

I have some memory problem in my MFC & OpenGL Application.It goes like this

1.My application have a modal opengl dialog.

2.Before I open dialog,memory usage is 300 mb

3.After open that dialog (initialize opengl and many texture),memory usgae is 318 mb

4.After closing the dialog(delete opengl context and all of textures),memory usgae is 310 mb

5.Look like i cant get this 10 mb back,No matter what i do.

6.I dont think it a memory leak,since when i open that dialog agin memory usge is exactly 318 mb.

7.Someone please help me


What you see is probably the result of loading opengl32.dll library and other stuff. It is loaded once by your application when you first use OpenGL and is being kept in memory in case your application would like to use OpenGL again.

Try initializing/deinitializing your dialog multipe times (20-30) - see if memory usage goes up. If not then I’m probably right.

Thank for your answer.

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