Opengl low fps problem

I have a big problem using OpenGl ES 1.1 with windows CE 6 in a Toradex PXA320.My problem is basically that, a simple swap operation, takes 200 mseg with a resolution of 800*480. I need a 5 fps performance and is impossible to achieve.

I read that the Toradex PXA320 works faster with DDB (Device dependant bitmaps), but OpenGl use DIB (Device independant bitmaps).

I don´t know what to do. If I have to change to DirectX, or if is some workaround to do.

Any idea will help!!!

SAME issue here. OpenGl ES 1.1 on WINDOWS Mobile 6.

Drawing a simple 240 x 320 rectangle colored costs 30 millisecond, tested by using GetTickCount(). Adding a simple animation costs 70 milliseconds.

No possible to achieve at least 24fps for a 2d game.