opengl lights

hi, i have a 3d scene with a textured floor. the background is solid black and i have no walls. i have 1 spotlight shining into the middle of the scene. in theory i should like the textured floor to just blend into the background gradually. but instead, i can still faintly see the horizon of the textured floor against the background. has this happened to anyone else? i have my spot light very close above the floor shining straight down, full specular, only a 25 degree angle with the spot cone. the flat floor is made up of at least 400 vertices, the normals all pointing straight up. i tried setting the ambeint & diffuse both to zero, but it doesn’t help. my material shininess for the floor is 30.0, and the specular reflection is 0.2 for all RGB…if anyone has any ideas of what i could try, pls let me know…thanks

There iz aN ambient color of scene(glLightModel). MAybbe it’z making such things.


Use black fog.


thanks, i will try the black fog