opengl library

Ok. I tired to run an example from the download opengl 1.1, on Borland 5.02, and got the message

Unable to open glut32.lib

I tried a search on my computer , but nothing doing.
I tried a search on the internet, but nothing doing.
And,, where can I download these files and the entire opengl Library?

And any other files that I might need? I do have opengl 1.1. and opengl 1.2 samples, and glut 3-7and devgl, but that’s not making me go.

Also, which compiler is more powerful for compiling opengl, Borland 5.02, or MS Visual C++ 6?


After you have the files, how do you set them in the compiler’s library path?


I found the lib files that I need, and copied them into the
folder that has the other libs.
I made sure that I did not overwrite any same-name previous file.

Directory For Borland:


For Visual C++:

c:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\lib

I ran checker.c from, download from the site

#include <glut.h> // original code was <GL/glut.h>,
// GL is a folder in the include folder
// that contains glut.h, I figured it out,
// but I just placed glut.h into include
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

When I run in Borland 5.02, I get message:

glu32.lib contains invalid OMF record.

When I run in Visual C++, message states:

glut32.lib invalid library format; library ignored.

I have two versions of glu32.lib, 13k and 50kb. // for Borland error

I tried both versions in c:\bc5\lib directory, same result

As for glut32.lib I have 12kb in the

c:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\lib // for vc++ error

Also I have two glut.h files, 17kb and 21 kb.

I tried running each .h version in the include folder for both compilers,
but still got more errors.

Which version of files do I need, and for which compiler?

If the borland compiler doesnt ship with these libraries that i surely think visual c++ 6 is superior to it.

To get OpenGL working with the free Borland compiler, I had to create the libraries myself from the dlls using the implib utility that comes with it. I believe it’s use was something like so…

c:\bc5\bin\implib c:\bc5\lib\opengl32.lib c:\windows\system32\opengl32.dll

Paths will vary of course… if you’re running Win9x, I think the OpenGL dlls are actually in system, not system32. Do the same thing for glu32.dll and glut32.dll and you should be set.

The free Borland C++ Builder compiler 5.5 has the necessary libs. I suppose you can integrate BCC 5.5 (which are only command line tools) with your 5.0.x builder environment (?). If they didn’t do anything very stupid, you should be able to just replace your old compiler (but keep the IDE).