OpenGL libraries for borlan c++ 5.0 ?

Hi! I think its a beginners problem. I tried to install opengl libraries in borland c++ 5.0 and it comes with an erro \opengl\GLUT32.lib contains invalid OMF record type 0x21 (possible COFF), but when i install them in microsoft visual they work. I was wondering if someone could help me to install them in borland c++ 5.0 as I am trying to make a program work.

Many thanks

Microsoft Visual C++ uses a library format known as COFF. Borland C++ uses a format called OMF. They’re not compatible, but you can still use OpenGL. Open a command prompt window, and change directory to the location of the OpenGL libraries. Then, type the following:

coff2omf glut32.lib glut32b.lib

This will convert glut32.lib into an OMF version of glut32.lib and save it as glut32b.lib. Then, go into Borland C++, and add that library to the project, removing the COFF version. Should work fine now. :slight_smile:

I have read on another board of a similar problem and I’ve had this issue myself. If I remember correctly you need to change the COFF using coff2omf utility to OMF.

The issues are similar, I think it should solve your problem.

Try it:

implib glut32.lib <windows folder>\system32\glut32.dll

Other errors will appear, the solution is analogous

Hey sorry to bother you guys again… but apparently I had to convert all the library files listed in glut.h but now it comes up with new erroed like UNABLE TO OPEN WINMM.LIB and CANNOT CREATE CREATE A PRE-COMPILED HEADER: CODE IN HEADER.
would appriciate any help.
Many Thanks for your time


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