OpenGL lib Files ???


I was looking for the .lib files of OpenGL in the official site ( … and i failed to find them ! howcome ??? … is it possible that i can’t find the .lib files of OpenGL in the Official site of OpenGL itself !!! i find this really confusing !!

i’ve read the faq … and didn’t find anything !

In the “2.060 What do I need to compile and run OpenGL programs?” section, it says “To compile and link OpenGL programs, you’ll need OpenGL header files and libraries” … and guess what !! there is NO link there to provide the files for you ! … here a nice try : “Where you get these files and libraries will depend on which OpenGL system platform you’re using” … aha, and ?? WHERE means WHERE !! they should tell me WHERE ! Logical, eh ?

wait wait … here’s the cheese-cake >>> “The OpenGL Organization maintains a list of links to OpenGL developer and end-user files . You can download most of what you need from there” … no that’s not an error, the page is really not there !! 404 notfound !!

here another shot : “If you’re using Visual C++, your compiler comes with include files for OpenGL and GLU, as well as .lib files to link with” … nice ! what if i’m not ?? should i buy this $$$$$ compiler just to get FOUR .lib files !!

PLEASE PLEASE help with this very very beginning problem

Thanks in advance !

You can find information about creating the import librarys for a dll here:

You need the GNU compiler suite to do this, if you have another compiler, look in its documentation about how to do this. You also need the OpenGL and GLU DLLs, they are in the system or system32 directory.

First of All … thank you, Overmind, for ur quick response.

Actually, i forgot to say which platform i develop in, its Win98\TC++ … and about GNU suite, i’ll try it and download cygwin … thanks alot !

but the current problem is: I dont have a .def file for those DLLs! and the tool on the page mentioned is not found (deadlink) … what can i do? is that .def file available on the net somewhere?

BTW, i find this way SOMEHOW difficult, and looks SOMEHOW sophisticated … is this what ALL OpenGL beginners do?? i wonder !? if yes, why i didn’t see anyone talking about it (at least for the last 3 pages!!) … is there an easier way to get those libs ??

(stop asking more questions SuperGlue :P)

win98 is ok…but TC++??? as in Turbo C++??? the old DOS C/C++ compiler??? If i remember correctly, you can’t create windows app with that compiler…

no, these stuffs aren’t hard…if you’re short on cash, try using dev-c++, it’s free, search around the net on where to download it (or ask other here, since i never used it – but it seems a lot of people do – i use vc++).

win98 is ok…but TC++??? as in Turbo C++??? the old DOS C/C++ compiler??? If i remember correctly, you can’t create windows app with that compiler…

Yes, it’s true that TC++ is a DOS compiler anyway… that was 10 minutes ago now i have the gcc suite (under cygwin), also i have downloaded the opengl package (exactly, opengl-1.1.0-6) maybe its an old release, but i just want to get started, or this version will not work with most of today’s examples and source codes ?? … but that is not a big problem to me … the problem is: i found only glut32.dll on the /bin folder !?? is this because it’s an old version ??