Opengl & Java script... Possible?

My questions is this. I would like to place some 3d content on a web page I am designing. I know I can use Wild Tangent to do this sort of thing, but I would like to remain platform, and Browser independant. Is there a way to either use opengl with java script to view 3d content on the web, or has someone already written an app that will allow me to work on all browsers and platforms?? Thanks, sorry for the odd request.

No, that´s not possible.
JavaScript is a script-language and OpenGL is an API for “real” programming-languages (C++, and maybe VB). You can´t use gl commands on a web-page.

I know, that there are possibilities to include 3d design on web-pages, but i don´t know anything of how you do that. Maybe Flash supports it but i never used it, so i am not sure.

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you could try java3d or perhaps an activex control (blech) with opengl

I saw some really cool shockwave3d on one of the hosted sites at perhaps that’s what you’re looking for?

Found the link!

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