OpenGL interface

Im creating a windows based application using OpenGL. I need to develop a 3D integration tool where the user of the software will be able to integrate 3D objects from other sources and perform transformation to the objects virtually using my tool. At first i was planning the built the interface using Microsoft Visual Recently, i found out that, i can built the interface using OpenGL itself without using other tools. My problem is,should i built the interface using other tools such as VB or use OpenGL? Where i can find OpenGL coding? Is there anybody can help me?Thanks

There is a better middle ground. With your experience I wouldn’t advise using raw OpenGL for your GUI, however there are GUI libs that use OpenGL and make using OpenGL inside them a breeze. Here is a good one:

You could also go with .NET, any way you go you’ll have to learn to use some system of creating a GUI interface.