OpenGL installation

I have mac OS 9.1 and Ive been trying for HOURS to get Open GL to work but I cant figure out how to install it. Does any1 know how to install it? (I have Codewarrior 6.0)

The OpenGL runtime libraries are already installed. You need to download the OpenGL 1.2.1 SDK and unpack it, then add the appropriate search paths to your project so that the headers and libraries can be found.


It’s a long time since I’ve done this, but on that disk image there should be a folder with the OpenGL headers, and one with the libraries. Find CodeWarrior’s headers and libraries, and put the folders in the appropriate place.

In your project settings search paths, add your new OpenGL headers folder to the headers search paths, and the libraries folder to the libraries search paths. You’ll also need to add some of the libraries to your project (at least OpenGLStub and OpenGLUtilityStub or whatever they’re called).

It worked! Thanks!!!

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