OpenGL "inside" windows form

Of some strange reason my last topic didn’t work: it was linked to another. So I guess I have to make a new.

Im writing a 3D engine and I feel that I need a level editor. So I wonder how you can embed openGL, or maybe make a seperate window, in a windows form, in a way so both can access each other variables.

Thanks in advance


As far as I understand you have just to create a rendering context and link it to your window. What programming language do you use? You can search the net(for example msdn or nehe pages) to find out how to create an rc for a window…

I know how to create a rendering context, what I need to know is how to place a seperate OpenGL window in a Win32 form, so I can use menus and buttons. Or do you mean that I should use a rc to make such thing?


I just can advise to make 2 windows: one for your GL rendering, and one for you ‘window’ stuff (buttons and such).

Thanks, I’ll try that.