OpenGL Init causing the freeze?

I’m trying to learn OpenGL from NeHe’s tutorials( and I tried making my own OpenGL app that would do the same as Lesson 2. I have anything to do with OpenGL in the Init, resize, and draw functions and away from the program itself.
I try to use NeHe’s way to make a window and right as the program goes to the OpenGL Init function the screen goes black(As if it were going fullscreen even though I didn’t have and ChangeScreenSetting or anything to go fullscreen) and it looks as if the system is locked(I push numlock and the light doesn’t go from off to on even). I’ve tried lots of things to try to fix this but it never fails… I REALLY REALLY want to get started with OpenGL but this has been keeping me back for days! CAN ANYONE HELP?!

I would suggest getting a OpenGL book if you are serious about learning it, and us GLUT not his windowing system…due to the fact it is not a standard and not too many people use it.

Did you try downloading the files from Nehe’s page and compiling them? If they don’t work, then his method is not going to work with your system. Also, check the pixelformat descriptor and see if it is creating a gl context that your video card doesn’t support (like 32 bit color on an old video card etc.)

I don’t want to use GLUT. I also don’t like using extra libraries for no reason. That is not a windowing system he madeup, it’s WinAPI. And OF COURSE I recompiled and even modified his tutorial! His worked, mine didn’t. The Pixel Format is set to 16 bit which my card supports.

If you could send me your code, i’ll be happy to try and help you out