Opengl in winnt4.0

Please help.
I’m a new bee on opengl.
the following is accuring.
i’ve a winnt4.0 with intel chipset
and a 3d application that doesn’t work it stops with a error “cant start opengl”
i’ve allready downloaded and installed the latest drivers from intel but it doesn’t solve the problem (driver is supporting opengl according to intel)and i can’t find nothing to start opengl in winnt
anybody idees ???
And sorry for my poor english.

Greetings from leo

Hi, some versions aren’t supported on NT plateform, this is a very limited plateform to develop programm now, you should change your OS (win2k pro by example)

Are you using GLUT library in your programm ?
please give more informations about your code and your library versions

Changing the os is no solution to the problem.
We have 3 months to go with winnt4.0 befor we change the os to win XP.

And please tell me glut???
how can i check this

Either contact the developer of the 3d application or wait 3 months.

The thing is : there is no such thing as “start OpenGL”. The application probably does not find the required level of support (a particular extension or version), so it throws a generic error message and exits. Really it is the developer who can tell you what is going on.

Originally posted by hengelo:
Changing the os is no solution to the problem.

Develop with an obsolete Windows technology unsupported by OpenGL isn’t a solution to the problem too…

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