OpenGL in web

How can i show a game in a browser? How can i show an interactive game in web?

I don’t know if this is possible, and even if it were, there would be all sorts of setbacks like platform independence issues. I have never seen an OpenGL-based game on the web. However, there might be some special libraries that enable you to do that.

It’s probably easier though, to just rewrite the game in flash or whatever.

java applet or active x control

Use Java + JOGL

If your browser supports a suitably up to date JVM (which you can download from SUN) then you should be able to see 3D gears running in OpenGL on this page:

Note that there’s no guareantee this will run in all browsers and all platforms, it needs the right browser plugin or support.

The other way is you go with something completely proprietary like shockwave3D but that too requires a plugin, but it’s a plugin a lot of people have. It wouldn’t be OpenGL you were writing though, although it might be running on OpenGL under the covers.