OpenGl in Visual Basic 5/6, Collision detection

hi, i’m a 17 yr old OpenGl newbie, i think its wicked and
i am currently making a very primitive car game and need some example code for collision detection so i can keep the “car” within a certain set of boundaries

my aim is to make a game like stunts so i also need help with changing Y axis position relative to the slope of a Quad.

any help would be appreciated thanx


Here’s a link :

As for your use of VB for collisions, DON’T. Vb is god awful slow, especially at floating-point math like that. Write a C++ library and link to it in your Vb app. Also a good route for other apps that need some raw processing power. Hell, if you want, you could write it in Assembly… :stuck_out_tongue: You can try using VB for this, but it will give you a big performance hit (by comparison to C++ especially).