OpenGL in VB6


I’ve been looking through sites all night gathering information on programming openGL in VB6. I’m a beginning programmer and have a final project due in my VB class which I have several weeks to work on. I want to make a 3d game (hopefully a basic first person shooter) but the tutorials I have found so far have mostly been for C++ and I have had no experience with it. (That is next semester). I don’t know how to take the C++ code and apply it to VB. I’m hearing opengl can be done in VB though. I don’t know if I’m trying to conquer something too big or if this may acutally be possible to pull off. I have 7-8 weeks. Any books or refrences detailing the very basics of using openGL in VB in the VB language would be great. As basic as setting up the openGL window, drawing some basic shapes and coloring and rotating them just to get myself going… accessing the dll’s through vb too?? what are dll’s and how do I use those? I really want to pull this off so if someone could point me in the right direction it would be great! I’ve checked the NeHe tutorials but they all seem to be C++. Help!


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GLFW supports Visual Basic. It’s a toolkit that sets up your window etc. You also get “bindings” for opengl32.dll and glu32.dll, so that you only have to call the OpenGL functions from your VB code without having to worry about .tlb’s, dll’s etc.

Unfortunately there is not much VB material available for GLFW (yet), except for a readme file and a simple example program, but it should get you started.

Many of the NeHe tutorials have been ported to VB. Maybe you should look again.