opengl in mandrake

i am using mandrake 9.0 ,after installing NVIDIA drivers my opengl programs wont run
i found and all others in my
system,what u have to do for running opengl
programs?please help me out.

have you installed all the packets ?

use the install manager (“install software”) and in the search field put the word “gl” and install all the packets founded.

i have no problem running/compiling ogl programs and i have mandrake 9.0 too.

i have two questions-

  1. Do you have a NVIDIA based card?..i have and for installing it in Mandrake i had to
    rebuild the source rpms.Can it bring some problems?

  2. what command you are using for compiling
    opengl prgrams …as its still Mesa in Mandrake so i am bit confused i use
    gcc -o some some.c -lGL -lGLU -lglut -lm
    which fails in this case.If you are using
    any makefile i will be grateful if you kindly send me that at my mail address

thanks in advance

1)i have 2 nvidia cards ( tnt2/geforce4) i have compiled the 2 modules (nvidia_kernel-1.0-3123 and nvidia_glx-1.0-3123 )and updated the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file.

2)to compile programs i use :
gcc -o some some.c -lGL -lGLU -lglut

(im also using SDL anyway )

yeah…but when i do go for a compilation of
opengl program with the command it gives
out error that no glut.h present ans so
also gives errors on the basis of diff opengl

but i see gl.h present in /usr/lib/include/GL
folder!..what can i do about it?please help

glut.h != gl.h

Sounds like you have OpenGL installed but not Glut. Glut is not a standard part of OpenGL, but a cross-platform means of creating windows that are initialized to correctly display OpenGL output.

i think deiussum is right.
to menage windows and keyboard input im using SDL and not glut.
maybe your problem is about glut.h