opengl in C++

hello, I am relatively new to coding in C++.

I took a sumer camp for three weeks and learned alot about C++.
I was in a class of three people and we advanced really quick, even to the stage of venturing into the world of opengl. When i came home from the camp i bought a book on opengl and have begun to read it. right before i left camp my counselor instructed me on how to create opengl projects in visual C++, it involved some file moving and some other things like that, but unfortunately i have forgotten in the last few days. If any one here knows how, or knows a website i could go to, to figure out how to get open gl in visual C++ it would be great.



p.s. i remember she talked bout a glut32.dll file, and a glut.h file, and a platform SDK. but other than that i am lost, thanks!

Hello, I’m not up on the actual process but I just saw this and thought it might be of some help to you?
Go to that link and about 1/3 way own the page there are fairly specific instructions,including file types needed, I see the files you mention there so might be enough to get you going, Good luck.

Go to:

Good and easy examples there…

Also you might want to try SDL, btw nehe has very useful framework for SDL.

You can use SDL for window opening, mouse/keyboard input, timer, texture loading etc… and all of this is cross platform :slight_smile: , I like it much more than glut or similar solutions.

thanks alot guys

If you want to write a commercial application, you should not use from glut. howerver it’s suitable for beginners and educational articles.
I suggest you to start the NeHe articles .Here’s its home page :


Thanks you all for your help.

But i am still not clear on what to do. I understand how to start a project, and write some basic code, but that is not what i need. I need to know how to get open gl, i know i need to download some files and put them in some places, but i have no idea how or where to put them.

please help


You should already have all needed libraries within your C++ environment. Just download some basic Nehe demos and try to compile them. You should link against GL.lib and GLU.lib (not shure as I never used C but you can look in the lib folder for such files, they may be named similar). The header files for this libraries are usually in include\GL, they are sufficient for OpenGL 1.2 You can also download latest extension header file somehwere on this site (google for latest glext.h).