OpenGL in C++ vs Java 2D 3D????

Can somebody help me!???!
I´m a finalist in Computer Science in the University of Beira Interior - Portugal!
I´m in a project to develop a CAD system where you can draw a shape(2D) by giving coordinates(maybe) and then display a best fit area of the shapes!!
But first, I have to know what suits me best!!! OpenGL or Java 2D 3D??
I would thank someone who can give me some information or where can I can get comparsion info! Thankx…sorry about my english…

Hi !

OpenGL is low level stuff, the only thing you get is the 3D rendering engine, nothing more, Java 3D is a high level API based on a scene graph and has lots of tools to assist you, with OpenGL you will have to do all the math on your own.

Java 3D use lots of memory, no problem if you have it but you should know it, Java 3D do run with a pretty OK performance, but it is no where near what you can do with OpenGL and C/C++, with Java 3D you get all the other java stuff for free, swing and so on.

Java 3D is limitied in support, Win32, Linux and Solaris I think, but it does work with both OpenGL and DirectX even though at least in that past it has much better performance on OpenGL.

I hope that helps a bit.