OpenGL in Borland Builder C++

I’m using Borland Builder C++ 5. When I include glaux.h into my code and use of the Auxiliary functions The Compiler says that I’m a “bad guy” and does want to compile it. Any Ideas? Thank You.

Hello there,

AFAIK glaux is no longer maintained so you would be better off
using other methods eg

For simple objects eg spheres,cylinders use gluQuadrics.
For bitmap loading use C++ Builders TBitmap Object
( this will also allow you to use JPG’s if you include
the right unit (cant remeber of the top of my head what
it is though,it may be #include <jpeg.h> )).

Im not sure what else glaux offers in the way of functionallity
but in the long run you will be better of not using it.

Hope its of some help


See my OpenGL page for info about GLAUX and Builder.