Opengl & Hardware Acceleration

I want to plot a wave pass a ship with OpenGL.
However, if I close the Hardware Acceleration,the part of the wave that overlap with the ship will not display or partially display.

If I push the hardware acceleartion to full, such problem disappears. But all the lines of the model (both wave and ship model) can not display normally.Most of the lines change to dashed line.

Any one can help me out of this?

Attached is the pictures.

Just what are you talking about?

Do you see any problem in OpenGL games? (eg Doom, Quake4)
Most likely it’s something you are doing.

Looks like depth buffer precision. Check it with glGetInteger with GL_DEPTH_BITS or whatever it was called.

Just what are you talking about?[/QUOTE]
I believe it is a setting in Windows, which is not used by recent drivers, which use settings from their own control panel instead.

There is a hardware acceleration in Windows XP/2000, etc.
I can’t find this option on Vista or Win 7 so I don’t even think it’s included anymore. Anyway I always assumed this was a Direct X setting and nothing to do with OpenGL.

Trouble is

Hardware Acceleration
tells us nothing as he’s not told us OS version, where he’s gone to find this setting, etc, etc. It’s just guess work by us…

All, tks very much for your reply. Pls let me provide more details about my problem. The first one of following pictures are plotted by FEMAP. I want to get similar plots with OpenGL. My OS is Windows XP. There is one option in XP that to chose whether to open the “Hardware Acceleration”.(pls refer to the second pic).

When I push the bar to left side (None), the overlap part of my plot can not completely displayed. While I push the bar to right side (Full), such probelm disappear, however all the lines of the model looks very strange.

My compiler is VC++ 6.0.

overview here

It does not say on Siemens webpage what tech is used to render the images (software, h/w acceleration, Direct X, openGL).
Either way, this is not really an OpenGL question as the images are being produced by the application and not via your own OpenGL code.

All I can say is that the XP hardware acceleration slider has not effect on OpenGL so you can ignore it.

Hi,I may not make myself clear at last reply.

I develop a program with OpenGL (under VC++) to generate same plot as that generated in FEMAP (Actually, I want to use my own program to replace FEMAP for some simulation).

However, the plot generated by my program can not be normally displayed like the one in FEMAP.

Any solutions for this issue? Tks!

The “Hardware Acceleration” option does effect the image of my own opengl code. Refer to the first two pics I attached. a.gif and b.gif