OpenGL -- GLUT + Picking...

i thought i would put this in here rather than the GLUT section b/c i cover more than just GLUT. i am making a picking Class called PICK and want to be able to rotate things in my scene or interact with my scene using the mouse. can anyone show me to some examples or books that gives some explanation with code on how to do this? or any links? someone somewhere else talked about the Red Book but it has all that AUX stuff. i would like to use GLUT Calls, keeping in mind that my code is meant to be portable , usually Windows and Linux. i have the Opengl Game programming book and a few others but the mere mention of picking is scarce. thanks all in advance for your help! has a good picking tutor, also has a GLUT version of the code.
Note look at the bottom of the tutor page to download the GLUT version.

hi there, i looked at that site, lesson 33 on picking but i didnt see a GLUT version at the bottom like you said, or did you mean it was somewhere else completely on the site? thanks!