OpenGL game

Hey i would just like to let everyone know that i have posted my first 3D OpenGL game to:
and i would just like to know what everyone thinks about it: likes,hates, what to add/improve. its a 3d “tank” type of game
thanks alot

Worked fine!

Although I failed to defeat the enemy tank/box even though I hit it… Guess it isn’t possible yet?

yea well i havent added the rest of the game yet. ill do that real soon i promise. this started out more along the lines of can i do this and have it work then it sorta developed into a game. ill also make a better looking “tank/box” so it looks like a tank one day. unless someone has some code they would like to lend me of a tank

dude… bzflag! the best opengl-only game I’ve ever played!!! it’s a tank shooter, VERY nicely done! I played it on a Riva Tnt once… it was nice .
if I remember correctly (a year back…)

it’s open source… so you SHOULD be able to find code for the tank… they look realistic!