OpenGL fullscreen refresh rate

OK, right to the topic - does anybody know how can I set not only screen resolution fo full-screen, but refresh rate too?

Say, I want 800x600x85Hz but that stoopid GeForce does it at 800x600x60Hz. But I know it can do 800x600x85Hz so I want it .

I need help

Switching from a screen resolution to another is not part of the OpenGL API. You have to use OS-dependent calls to do it. Win32 provides the ChangeDisplaySettings function, which has a field for refresh rate (IIRC). Look in the MSDN for more info.

Ok, I got bored, so I took a look at the MSDN for you.
The relevant field is dmDisplayFrequency in the DEVMODE structure you pass to the ChangeDisplaySettings function.

TA for answer, I found it 5 minutes before

Thanks anyway.