Opengl for S3 Savage 3D and Celestia

I’m running WinME with 384 mgs ram and a Duron 1200mhz. My video is a S3 Savage 3D.

I’ve never done any gaming, so I don’t know anything about requirements.

When I try to run Celestia my pc immediately freezes up. The only help I can fing is that maybe I don’t have Opengl. And I’m sure I don’t.

My questions are…Is Opengl just a program that I download into any folder I want and I works when needed?

Do you think Opengl will solve my problem?

Is my video card or someother component inadequet to run any modern games?

First, this is an OpenGL programming oriented form.

Second, WinME should have at the very least the Microsoft Software implementation of OpenGL. It was shipped with all versions of windows after 95, and I believe with 95SR.

Third, I know nothing about Celestia so I can’t help you there. Perhaps if you were to ask in a more appropriate place, like a Celestia help forum. (If one exists)

Fourth, OpenGL is a programming API. On Windows platforms it is implemented via drivers and DLLs, it is not a separate program that you run.

Fifth, OpenGL itself won’t solve your problem. You’ve already got it. And if the problem is that the version of OpenGL you have isn’t compatible with Celestia, then the only option is to hope your card manufacturer has updated drivers that include more OpenGL support. (Or get a better card.)

Finally, I had an S3 card once many years ago. I wasn’t impressed with it. I didn’t do anything with OpenGL with it, but my guess is that it has very limited OpenGL support, if it even has anything outside of the default Microsoft drivers.

Though it is a programming forum, i’m answering your question.

First of all i had some experience with savage 3d. This is a back dated card and it faces amny problem with its driver. At first the driver was very buggy…so it was common to freez amny games.

So i think try to find a new driver and install it. OpenGL has nothing to do with it.
If the new driver doesn’t solve this problem you btter try other version of driver all you can change the card.

Thank you