OpenGL for non realistic photo rendering

I am a Newbie to OpenGL. I was wondering if OpenGL can be used to do non realistic photo rendering for 2D images, like oil-painting effect, crayon effects, cartoon effect on images.

Any pointers are much appreciated.

OpenGL can be used to display an image, but doing the actual filtering will have to be done with regular code. Here is a tutorial on that code in c#.

If you scroll to the bottom there is a link to a ‘for dummies’ version that explains it pretty well.

Also check out this, pretty cool :

An oldish bunch of links around NPR :

EDIT : wait, I though you meant 2D NPR of a 3D scene, but apparently it is 2D NPR of 2D image ?

@ZbuffeR : Its for 2D NPR of 2D Images.

Using GLSL fragment shaders to sample from paper textures and the original 2D image, some thresholding etc, it should be possible to do quite neat things with OpenGL.

But if you don’t need performance, realtime feedback, or animation, OpenGL will not provide you better stuff than simply doing your own sauce on the CPU.