openGL for my card

I need openGL 1.4 to run my game. my card is : Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller. where do i get the openGL 1.4 or higher?

Get the graphic driver that fits your card :

Okay i did that an ran a check a check in my game to see if everything was in order, the openGL wasnot stil there but the card was better… so is there another way to get the openGL?

no. complain to intel. or buy a Nvidia/ATI card.
anyway for recent 3D games you want better than integrated 3d chip.

What does report glinfo ?
What game is it ?

the game is SWKOTOR2. The GLinfo says:
OpenGL version: 1.3.0-Build

After installing the uppdate my other game star wars battlefront’s graphics was mutch better so something did happen.

Well you never read the system requirements for your game before buying ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…i had a same problem too. I use xabre, n it says opengl 1.3, but it works on kotor, not for tsl (kotor2). Weird…coz both have same min requirement. Anyone could help me, please?

ps: sorry for bad english

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