Opengl for Dummies

Hi! I’m looking for very basic introductory article/book on what opengl does and how it’s connected to c++, dephi, etc. Everything I find seems to presume the reader is already an expert- or at least I can’t understand it. Is opengl simply a language for raster operations?

Thanks in advance-your answer will really help me. I’ve fallen in love with computer graphics programming- imagine programming works of art for a living: you guys are very fortunate!


Hi !

You can have a look there :

This is the electronic version of the OpenGL Programming Guide.

OpenGL is not a language but an API (like Direct3D). You can use OpenGL with a great variety of languages although most of us on this board seem to use C++ (Delphi guys, don’t shout at me please !). Also, most of the examples you’ll find are written in C++.

Why are you interested in OpenGL ? (it’s not worth learning how to use it if it does not suit your needs !).