openGL for CAD?

I like to (try) and develope my own 3d cad program, being very new to this area of programming, i’d like to know whether this would be the way to go.
I have VC++6, a little experience in c++(currently studying and keen)and have a couple of years using vb/vba, mostly with autocad and access.
Any help, suggestions, tutorials or links would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

I have used CAD myself during college so I know a little.
Open GL can draw all the objects you would need to create a CAD package and much more.
If you havent already been, go to NeHe’s site and start learning there.

A lot of that site deals with drawing polygons and putting textures on them. You probably wont need to do that depending on how you handle shading/hashing and stuff.

Thanks Pops, shall do.