openGL: failed to share context- monitor color depth must be 32

Can this be solved???

Where’s the beef?

wglShareLists fails if the second context is bound or on some implementations if there are already objects created in the contexts before the call.

This is from within a game startup screen or what?

The “monitor color depth must be 32” seems to indicate that the application wants a 32-bits RGBA8 format but you’re running in highcolor or worse.
That could be changed in your display control panel. Right-click on the desktop and change the display settings to true color.

it’s from within a program. could it because of windows vista? because I can run this program on an other computer that runs on XP and is not as good as this one and it doesn’t show me any errors

Is this a program you wrote and can debug or third party?
OpenGL under Vista might have another reason to fail. So far I know of only two vendors which ship an OpenGL installable client driver.
If you don’t have an ATI or NVIDIA board with Vista drivers installed (not the drivers which shipped with Vista , those contain no OpenGL ICD! That’s the same under WinXP.) then your OpenGL application will most likely run on the Microsoft SW implementation with OpenGL version 1.1.
Read this:

Most OpenGL applications require newer OpenGL versions provided by the graphics vendor’s drivers.

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