OpenGL extensions in Borland C++ Builder 6.0

Does anyone know how to make use of OGL
extensions like GL_TEXTURE_ARB under Borland C++ builder ??? I thought that they have newest headers included in distribution, byt it turned out that they don’t. I have newest drivers form Nvidia, but NV
dosen’t include headers in drivers distrib…
(not for windows drivers :-)). Will Nvidia SDK for OpenGL solve this???

BTW. Under Linux everything is perfect.

GL_TEXTURE_ARB is not an extension. drivers dont include programming libraries, but the GL SDK and even some of the individual demoes contains the updated headers.

For some bizarre reason, there isnt a link that says, “Click me to download the latest header files for OpenGL” on any of the vendors site except sgi, but sgi’s version are still at version 6.


Thank you

no sweat

Pretty recent. You may need to add a few manually (if you plan on using the latest ATi or FX extensions, for example).

Hello again…
I have d/loaded nvSDK and copied headers into BC++ builder include dir and it doesn’t work.
I can’t get it to work - it seems that builder
doesn’t even look into that header (<gl\glext.h> ), error looks like:
'call to undefined function : glActiveTextureARB ';

I’m not familiar with windows-specific programming so if anyone could reply…