OpenGL .exe vs .scr extension problem

I have a problem writing a screensaver opengl program:
After building a simple opengl screensaver, when I run it on a pentium3 machine under windows2000,
it runs very slow.
After debugging and detecting my application, I realised that when I renamed my .scr file to a .exe file (example test.scr to test.exe), it runs normal with a good frame rate.

Please, Can somebody help me to resolve this issue.Thank You.

if you got a intel graphics chip it probably is the same issue as here:;f=3;t=012666

I still don’t know to make the trick of disabling a screensaver within a .scr application??

I don’t know what you mean but the suggested solution was to have you screen saver call an EXE. That way the instance calling GL is an exe and not a scr.

OK Thank You.