Opengl ES, where to get it?

Is any package is available now for opengl es? is it possible to write opengl es application right now? OR we need to wait for the adoptor’s package?

Thank you

this same question; and there is any posibility to write openGL ES program on Symbian OS v6.1? maybe some example exist?

If none of the commercial libraries work, I could help you moving the “Vincent” open source library to Symbian.

  • Hans-Martin

as i already wrote in another thread: a port of klimt to symbian is on its way. expect it in some weeks.

Daniel Wagner

Symbian has taken OpenGL ES as part of the Symbian OS starting from OS version 8.0 (see:

This means that devices shipping Symbian OS 8.0 version will include OpenGL ES implementation (either in SW or HW) as part of the platform.

For previous releases of the Symbian OS, previously mentioned 3D engines such as the Gerbera from Hybrid (commercial) and the Vincent should work. With previous Symbian releases the OpenGL ES DLL needs included in the application .SIS file or the application must be statically linked with the library.


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