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Hi all,

I am a total new n00b to OpenGL ES and was wondering if anyone could give me any tutorials/books/pointers/ etc to learn it. (I’ve already tried the ZeusCMD ones and the Typhoonlab ones)

I already have knowledge of C++ btw


There’s a bunch of apps in the PowerVR MBX SDK that might help:

Also, Nokia S60 SDK has OpenGL ES examples:

From there, find & Download S60 SDK matching your device.

Jani Vaarala
Graphics Architect

Cool thanks,
I’ll take a look at the PowerVR SDK, but as for the nokia SDK, I don’t intend to develop for a Nokia Device.

Modified version of WinCE 4.2 .NET Device.

Thanks Anyway,

PS Does anyone know of any tutorials?

EDIT: Im not sure if it matters but the closest the PowerVR SDK has is a for ARMV4 processors, whereas mine is ARMV4I? Will it still work?

Can someone actually guide me on how to start with this PowerVR SDK?

:? :?

Have you followed the “Installation” section of the Release Notes on the PowerVR webpage? The link is right above the link to the SDK package.

Are you using a Dell Axim X50v/X51v? If so, you probably downloaded, which is ARMV4, not ARMV4I. (I just tested it again just to be sure I’m not going mad…)

But you say your device uses ARMV4I. What device are you using?

Probably the most rarest/unheard of device ever:


If you mean the Release Notes, from what I gather it is just opening up the project in EVC?

Again, Thanks in advance,…

Hmm, ok. The eVC++ projects for the apps in the PowerVR SDK for PocketPC are linked to the PowerVR OGLES libraries. The compiled apps might simply work (do you feel lucky? :)). I suppose you would need to get the proper SDK for the device and recompile the apps, should be easy enough.

Yeah I do have the proper SDK, and no the compiled ones don’t work either.

Problem is can’t just simply change the SDK. And when I copy over the files into a new Proj with the proper SDK get loads of errors :frowning:

Could you just tell me how I could create a plain white window in EVC using OGL|ES?

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