OpenGL ES Shaders compiled to SPIR-V

Good afternoon,

I am working with OpenGL ES version 3.2 in a desktop environment and would like to know if it is possible to compile vertex and fragment shaders written in #version 320 es to SPIR-V such that I can execute something like glShaderBinary? If so, what is the most efficient way to accomplish this?

Thank you for any help.

The ARB_gl_spirv extension explicitly states that it is not written against OpenGL ES. It is also an “ARB” extension, not a “KHR” extension as would normally be used for extensions usable by both desktop GL and GL ES.

The OpenGL ES registry doesn’t list an extension that allows using SPIR-V shaders. As such, it is unlikely that any ES implementations permit this.

If you’re using a desktop environment, you may want to switch to desktop GL rather than ES.

Thank you @Alfonse_Reinheart for the fast reply.

Since I am using the desktop environment I think I will switch to desktop GL rather than the ES version.