OpenGL ES on windows using GNUstep/mingw

Hi all,

I am not new to programming, but I am new to GNUstep/mingw and command line compiling!

I have managed to get a simple OpenGL application to compile using ‘GL/gl.h’ and ‘GL/glu.h’ and the library libopengl32.

However, my goal is to compile this same application with OpenGL ES, for which I have read that I need GLES/gl.h and GLES/egl.h as well as the libraries libgles and libegl.

Does anybody know how I go about finding these things (the header files and libraries for mingw) for OpenGL ES?


For GLES you need an implementation, have a look here :

The simplest choice seem to be Vincent.

Thanks ZbuffeR. I have found an alternative.

I have downloaded a set of tools from the PowerVR guys that maps OpenGL ES to standard OpenGL commands. It requires a couple of dlls to work, but at least when I compile the code for my target device it should work ok!

This is what I have done so far, just in case others are searching for this same thing in the future. My ultimate goal is to use windows as my dev environment to create OpenGL ES compliant code for various devices, including iPhone and GP2X Wiz:

  1. Download the OpenGL ES headers from Khronos (Need GLES, EGL and KHR)
  2. Put the headers in the GNUstep/mingw/include folder (in their own subfolders)
  3. Download the PVRVFrame tool (zip)
  4. Get the OpenGL dll files for the version of ES you are using, and put them in the same folder as your exe
  5. Get the .lib files (libgles_) and rename to .a, then place them in the GNUstep/mingw/lib folder

Now in your code, include “GLES/gl.h” and it should compile fine.

I have managed to compile an app, but not run it yet (my OpenGL code itself is buggy) so unable to test the PowerVR stuff - but will keep this thread updated.

Hi Peter

I’m trying to acheave same thing as you. I’m using msys/TDM_MinGW with lates version of PVRVFrame. My problem is I cannot link provided dll’s (neither directrly nor with provided .lib files renamed to .a).

Where you successful in compiling and linking OpenGL ES code. If yes, do you have any idea what could have gone wrong on my side?