OpenGL ES & .NET

Hi all,
I need support in following question:
I tried to use the Vincent-lib in a .Net application, so I took all rendering functions in a c++ dll. Then, I imported this dll (DllImport[]) into a small c# sample application (for PDA). This application passes a HWND-Handle to the dll to init the render stuff. (see code below)

But nothing happens. Is it generally possible to use OpenGL ES in a c# Application? Where can I find informations about this?


I don’t know what you are doing in your dll, but for Windows Mobile rendering only works if done within the WM_PAINT callback.

Also, the rendering context (eglCreateContext) gets associated with the current thread, so if someone swaps out the thread behind you back, this might also lead to this situation.

Can you show your wrapper code around libGLES_CM?

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