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will opengl es source code run against an opengl library? I may have some need to develop for opengl es but may want to run the same source code under opengl also. I would rather not have to write things twice if I can help it.

It will not, quite. There are a handful of ES-specific features not present in GL, like optional shader binary support, GLSL ES precision keywords, different GLSL versions, etc. Also there are a variety of OES extensions generally supported only on ES implementations, although in principle most of them could be supported on GL just as well.

It is pretty straightforward to code around the few areas of difference so long as you don’t depend on the differences (for example, you could strip out the precision keywords from GLSL ES shaders so long as your shader results didn’t actually depend on what precision they were being done in). The WebGL wrapper layer sort of does this since their API is derived from ES 2.0 but implemented on top of GL drivers on PC browser implementations.

There are also some ES implementations available for PCs running Windows and Linux; some of them are wrappers and some are software renderers. We are aware of the compatibility issues and looking at some ways to more easily move source and content between ES and GL, but I can’t say anything specific beyond that at present.

Does anyone know of an OpenGL ES 1.0 Java Wrapper for win32? I’ve been looking around and can’t find anything.

The reason I want it is to test android (heh, glad to see a bunch of posts about android here!) graphics code in a normal java project in my FAST dev environment before moving it over to the more clumsy / slow android emulator.

The dev process would go something like this:

1 - Create java project with OpenGL ES 1.0 External libraries on Win32 (in Eclipse)
2 - Test and build GL10 graphics code / engine in fast Win32 environment
3 - Periodically move GL10 graphics code into the Android project and test everything is working in the emulator
4 - Finally: Finish development in the Android Emulator / test on actual devices.

BTW - Please check out ReplicaIsland Project on google code - Chris Pruett (from google) open sourced an entire 2d side-scrolling game engine with a sweet OpenGL ES renderer:

any new news on this front? I could really use an OpenGL ES 1.1 implementation under Windows for development

There is at least dgles. Haven’t used it myself and the project is kind of old, but you could give it a try.

ARM has an emulator: … ulator.php

I heard that Imaginations Technologies should have a desktop emulator as well, but I can’t immediately find the download link.


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That’s what I thought too, at first, but I don’t believe the PC WebGL implementations are running on top of OpenGL. I may be mistaken, but the call stacks for Chrome and Firefox strongly indicate they are running on top of D3D9. This could be a CYA move since out of the box Win7 systems don’t have valid OpenGL drivers installed but D3D9 is guaranteed.


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