OpenGl Es how to get started?

I am reading a book Beginning Android 4 Games, by mario zechner and robert green, published by Apress. It’s a great book, but does not even hint at how to get started with opengl es. It shows how to integrate it into an app, but what do I install to start modeling? I am still learning java, and do not want to do C++.

Ultimately my question is how to I start creating opengl content for my android apps?

I am downloading the modeling tool from eclipse now, but does not list opengl as a type so not sure that’s what I want. The open gl es has an sdk by PowerVR, but none of the utilities sound like what I need to start modeling.

I attached a picture from the book, what program is he using to create those shapes? More importantly, what program can I use?

I am downloading the modeling tool from eclipse now

I… I don’t think it is that kind of modelling. Eclipse, being a programmer tool, generally has modelling add-ons built around that concept. That is, they’re not talking about 3D models; they’re talking about programming models. Modelling the architecture of programs and such.

Get Blender

From within blender, export to “wavefront .obj”. Import somehow in your app. It could take a LOT of effort to make some decent models, so initially settle for very-simplistic stuff. At some point you need to find tutorials on UV-unwrap and drawing of textures.