OpenGL-ES/EGL implementation

Hello there,
I’m a noob at OpenGL-ES, and I’m trying to do my first project on a Windows Mobile 6 PocketPC platform.
I’m using the OpenGL-ES and EGL headers i found on the Khronos Group website, but Windows Mobile doesn’t provide an implementation for Opengl-ES, and I don’t want to use implementations like Vincent3D Library or GLU|ES because of copyright matters…
How could i do that?
Please help me!thanks in advance…

I believe Vincents is the only open-source GLES implementation. All other implementation would have commercial licenses attached. If your interested in something commercial, companies which have a conformant GLES implementation can be found at the following link:

Well at this point i think I’ll use Vincent…
thank you very much for the reply!

If you do not want to use Vincent “because of copyright matters”, would you be able to share your concerns?

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No, it’s ok I’m using Vincent 3D library now…But i have a problem: i downloaded it, but the only install guide i’m able to find is about installing it on PocketPC2003, but i’m using windows mobile 6 and Visual Studio.
I’ve tried to follow it as much as i could, but there are some folders that i don’t have in my SDK, like “…\include\Emulator”, and when i compile a simple application, Visual Studio gives me this linking error:

1>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘C:\Program.obj’

I think it’s because of the library “libGLES_CM.lib” i’m using from Vincent, but really I don’t know where to put it and all the files from the Vincent package…
Somebody please could help me?
Thanks in advance

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