OpenGL ES Books with Java

i am want to develop Games with OpenGL ES on Android phones…
snice Android use Java language where can i find books/Tutorials or any materials for it…
the books at the Main Page r C/C++

Thank you… :smiley:

No book.

Right now.

hey if you want to develop games in android then try unity 3D its a platform for game developemnt :wink:

Mobile 3D Graphics with OpenGL ES and M3G by Kari Pulli et al. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers © 2008

Pro Android Games
by Vladimir Silva
Apress © 2009 (321 pages) Citation
Presenting a well-balanced, powerful combination of pure Java and hybrid game development, this book teaches you how to build cool games like Space Blaster and the classic Asteroids from scratch on the latest Android platform.

chk these …

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