OpenGL ES and Swift

Hi everyone!
I’m not sure if the correct section I chose to post my question.

I faced a problem a few days ago and still can’t solve it. I was trying to use OpenGL ES with Swift.
Also, all for what I need OpenGL is drawing lines and circles. That’s all. Nothing more. No shadows, no blending or anything else.
So I expected, that it would be easy to realize such simple things, but it was not. I was need to attach some shaders and do bunch of another stuff, that has no relation to drawing primitives. So I stuck and still doesn’t solved this problem.

That’s why I decided to came with my problem to OpenGL community. I can see only two ways.

  1. There must be some more convenient higher level APIs, that makes work with OpenGL ES simpler. Probably you know some of them?
  2. I can’t imagine how to prepare GLKitView to drawing and why it’s not draw. May be you can help me with code, but my project is in Swift, this could be a problem.